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Fostex is a Japanese manufacturer that has been actively involved in the great era of multi-channel studio technology and is always good for high-quality products in the field of broadcast and professional media production. The Fostex headphones are therefore not without reason extremely popular with audio professionals, from which the consumer products benefit noticeably.

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Hi-Fi by Carsten Kaiser 5 months ago

Fostex TH7

Enjoy Sound in Style on the Go

The TH7 headphones have been available for several years now. Here, we find out how they hold up to the demands of today's discerning music fans and audiophiles.


Hi-Fi by Carsten Kaiser 6 months ago

Fostex TH909

High-End Open Headphones with Reference Capabilities

The Fostex TH-909 is a reference class headphone that's out to impress with its open design. It is based on the TH900 mk2, but adds the benefits of an open system to its overall design. In our test, we aim to see how this all...


Hi-Fi by Marcus Schlosser 2 years ago

Fostex TH900 mk2

The Second Edition of the Well-Known High-End Headphones

Fostex enters the fray of high-end headphones with the Second Edition mk2 of the TH900. The dynamic flagship model from Fostex impresses with meticulous design features and a technically and visually sophisticated choice of components.


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The Fostex HP-A4BL is a high-quality DAC and headphone amplifier for audiophile requirements. It’s also one that feels equally at home with all music styles and genres.

Nils Neuneier-Quak
Nils Neuneier-Quak 9. January 2017

I kept the Fostex TH900 mk2 for a week longer. On one hand, I found that the apparent problem areas of the transducer improved a little over the test period (habituation or better tuned transducers?). On the other hand, the liveliness led me to some additional sessions.

Fostex scores well with the TH900 mk2 in its league. However, due to the limitations outlined above, it won’t be achieving first place.

Marcus Schlosser
Marcus Schlosser 15. June 2018
Fostex TH900 mk2

The Fostex TH909 is ideal for hi-fi fans who are looking for a refined mid-range reproduction and demanding bass reserves, yet don’t want things too delicate in the highs. Whether or not the high price of these headphones will deliver value for money is up to the individual user. At any rate, it is obvious that any buyer is investing in an elegant piece of HiFi technology with a unique playback profile.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 1. July 2019