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Studio by Marcus Schlosser 4 years ago

Ultrasone Signature Studio

Professional Studio and Live Headphones

Robust, flexible customisation and impressively resolved sound make working with the Ultrasone Signature Studio an essential not only for studio use but also for everyday listening.


Bluetooth by Marcus Schlosser 4 years ago

TaoTronics TT-BH35

Cheap Bluetooth In-Ears with Magnetic Closure

New premium listening for those on a budget! With the TT-BH035, TaoTronics is launching a new model in the Bluetooth In-Ears/Budget Class category. In addition to the generally solid performance and technical specs, this model scores highly with its redesign of the inline remote control.


Hi-Fi by Marcus Schlosser 4 years ago

Fostex TH900 mk2

The Second Edition of the Well-Known High-End Headphones

Fostex enters the fray of high-end headphones with the Second Edition mk2 of the TH900. The dynamic flagship model from Fostex impresses with meticulous design features and a technically and visually sophisticated choice of components.


Hi-Fi by Marcus Schlosser 4 years ago

Acoustic Research AR-H1

Shapely planar with spacious sound

With the AR-H1, Acoustic Research offers its challenger for headphones in the price range between 500-1,000 euros. With these Planar headphones, the company enters new territory.


Studio by Marcus Schlosser 4 years ago

Audeze LCD-2C

A Clear Entry into the Top Class

Audeze enters the price region of well below 1,000 euros with the somewhat slimmed down LCD-2 Classic, thus becoming a more appealing option for a new slice of the market. Reduced to the essentials, these headphones combine the highest processing criteria with a super comfortable...


Hi-Fi by Marcus Schlosser 5 years ago

Sony MDR-Z1R

Extravagant Design Concept with Ingenious Technical Refinements

The MDR-Z1R, Sony's new reference model, is one of the most comfortable closed headphones I've ever tested. Unusual technical details, the special design and the sound tuning make for goosebumps and are not only for technical nerds.