ROOMs Audioline FS Pro

Solid Metal Headphone Stand

In a nutshell

The ROOMs FS-Professional headphone stand proves if you have an understanding of the market and a mind for function, an innovative product can be produced. If you’re looking to protect your valuable headphone collection, but also want a storage solution that presents them in an eye-catching way, this stand will surely be an instant must-have. Whether or not this product is worth the 140 euro price tag all depends on the value of the headphones you’re looking to mount on it. However, less expensive stands are available from the manufacturer, with more affordable options available for around 80 euros.


A quality place to store and display your favourite headphones.

Many would argue that there are some things in life that aren’t strictly essential. Think bookends, ornaments, and toilet roll covers. Those same people might argue headphone stands are superfluous, but stop and consider the advantages of one and you’ll quickly realise this so-called indulgence is actually a must-have for music lovers.

What qualifies a headphone stand as a worthwhile investment?

  • The thing needs to look damn good!
  • The stand should have some functional advantage over traditional storage solutions.
  • The stand should accommodate different headphone models.
  • It needs to be friendly to scratch-sensitive surfaces.

ROOMs is a specialist in a rather niche market. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a rogue trader. Rather, the manufacturer is based in Bielefeld and has already won legions of fans with its super chic range of wooden headphone stands.


With the FS-Professional series, ROOMs offers a stand which boasts the benefit of being customisable. It’s made of solid metal, with its slick surface treated in either stylish black or matt silver.

The FS-Pro stand resembles the base of an iMac or more sophisticated computer monitor model designs. It’s a fine piece of design indeed, with a reassuring weight of approximately 1.5 kilograms giving a robust feel. You’d have a hard time pushing the ROOMs stand from a sideboard, making it an ideal choice for spaces where mischievous youngsters play.


Four rubberised feet ensure slip resistance, while leaving no traces on sensitive furniture finishes, even after long periods of time.

The so-called changeable element on the Pro stand comes in the form of an attachment which is inserted into an opening via a stainless steel pin, fixed into place firmly after height adjustment.

The standard support bracket fits all standard sizes, including models like the AKG K 242 HD. Further attempts with the Philipps Fidelio X2 Superflux HD 681 and Sennheiser HD25 delivered satisfactory results.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the manufacturer provides holders with a larger radius. As such, even larger models can be shown off with pride.

The whole concept has a more practical consideration. You can leave your headphone model in a desired adjustment by adjusting the height and, if required, the radius of the holder. If you have a Staxx or an Audeze with a larger diameter and wear it in an extended position, you will be pleased to learn the ROOMs provides the perfect place to store it in a desired resting position. The earpieces can hang freely, while cables leading downwards don’t fall to the ground.

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Technical specifications

  • Ear couplingHeadphone Stand
  • Weight without cable1455 g

What's in the box

  • No further accessories included

Special features

  • FS Pro Series available in black and silver

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