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Bluetooth by Carsten Kaiser 4 months ago

Master & Dynamic MW65

Wireless Headphones with Noise-Cancelling Functionality

The Master & Dynamic MW65 feature active noise cancellation as standard, Bluetooth connectivity and a balanced sound profile.


Bluetooth by Carsten Kaiser 6 months ago

Master & Dynamic MW60

Quality, Flexibility and Precision Combine for Listening On the Go

What do the Leica lenses and wireless heavyweights Master & Dynamic have in common? It might sound like the beginning of a bad joke, but it’s actually a marketing gimmick employed by M&D to advertise the MW60, promoting this newly unveiled headphone model as a...


Bluetooth by Carsten Kaiser 7 months ago

Master & Dynamic MW50+

Wireless On-Ear & Over-Ear Headphones

With the wireless MW50+, American manufacturer Master & Dynamic is going in an unusual director. These semi-open headphones are available as both supra-aural and circumaural headphones and promise plenty of possibilities. I test them to see if things hold up in practice.


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The versatility of the semi-open Master & Dynamic MW50+ is certainly convincing. Included accessories definitely impress, while aesthetics, choice of materials and the quality of manufacturing are all up to discerning standards. Handling is also user-friendly, while the fit is exemplary. What’s more, Master & Dynamic’s proximity to the New York art scene has obviously had an effect on the development department. Freethinkers don’t want to be restricted when it comes to on-ear or over-ear decisions, so the option of both from the MW50+ is definitely welcome.

In terms of sound, two sound signatures are on offer, each with distinct character. With ear-covering cushions, the headphones produce a much richer sound, while providing overall enhanced volume and better isolation from external noise. If ear cushions are used, the sound is much more muffled. In either case, the MW50+ stands for powerful reproduction with detailed mids and high treble. The Bluetooth function of the M&D is easy to use, convenient and does not demonstrate any noticeable sound differences when compared to cable operation. The only real drawback is the low isolation from the outside world if you’re on the go with the MW50+, especially if you’re in a busy urban environment with a higher volume enabled. The bottom line is the Master & Dynamic MW50+ is an extremely versatile headphone, showing few weaknesses and offering plenty that will make sophisticated audiophiles very happy when it comes to listening across all genres.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 29. May 2019

For around 500 Euros, headphone fans can enjoy reliable Bluetooth connectivity with high sound quality with these Master & Dynamic ANC headphones. In particular, the ANC capabilities of the MW65 excel in enabling the required feature, without impeding on the sound output itself. The headphones are made of premium materials, with a level of workmanship that has to be commended. Handling of the MW65 is consistently pleasant, whether you’re adjusting the headband size or making use of the space-saving pivot feature of the earpieces when packing them away to transport. The sound of these headphones is particularly convincing, with silky highs, rounded basses and concise mids that suffer from sounding too sharp. A slight drawback is the earpieces are on the smaller side, so may not be suitable for the listener with notably larger ears.

Whoever is looking for a consistently reliable listening companion for life on the go will find balanced sound and plenty more to enjoy with the Master & Dynamic MW65.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 29. August 2019

In their advertising material, Master & Dynamic compare the MW60 to a Leica Lens. As with a Leica Lens, the engineering skill, precision and high-quality materials are intended to ensure long-lasting operation and excellent value. It has to be said, the promise pays out with the MW60. The headphones are of impressive quality, made with superior materials and come with a welcome scope of delivery. It’s also hard to form any criticism of the manufacturing of these headphones. The only negative I can think to mention is that the narrow ear cushions and limited range of head adjustments mean the MW60 is probably not a device for those with large heads and ears to accommodate.

Just as a Leica Lens is supposed to make the finest details of a subject visible, the headphones have been crafted to provide a precise acoustic reproduction. Although the MW60 delivers a consistently precise sound image, it colours the audio signal with strong bass and velvety treble in a way that is not ideal for all types of audio material. What’s more, when connected via cable, these headphones sound fresher and more detailed than in wireless mode.

Ultimately, the Master & Dynamic MW60 left a good last impression and it’s hard to draw any significant negatives here. This high-quality headphone can be switched between Bluetooth and cable operation with ease, while oscillating equally as easily between a velvety, bass-rich acoustic and a more brilliant sound.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 5. June 2019