Master & Dynamic MW07

True Wireless In-Ears with First-Rate Fine Dynamics and Quality Sound

Although the manufacturer might be a relatively new name on the market, Master & Dynamic has added a real standout to their product portfolio with the MW07. The New York natives hit high notes all round with these completely wireless in-ears, with impressive aesthetics, a low-profile design and plenty of user-friendly functions. They’re also incredibly comfortable for longer listening sessions, while an innovative remote brings a slightly new approach to device control. Furthermore, the 10mm beryllium drivers provide you with a multi-faceted listening experience, with powerful acceleration and playback that’s lively to say the least.


The housing of these in-ears is made from acetate, a lightweight choice of material that has allowed for the sleek contours and low-profile design of these headphones. The transport case for the in-ears, which doubles up as a charging station, is constructed from high-quality stainless steel with a polished finish. This case looks and feels incredibly robust, while the impressive levels workmanship ensure eye-pleasing results across the board. In order to provide a secure hold when wearing them, these in-ears include silicone ear hooks, while the anchor for attaching ear molds is angled. As a result of this angled design, these in-ears offer a fit that’s particularly suited to sporting use, while levels of pressure are alleviated. As for the rest of the construction, it’s top marks all round. Thanks to its incredibly discreet design and minimal bulk, these in-ears can even be worn under a cap if required, without compromising on comfort. These headphones are a generally practical option, with splash-proof credentials that makes them suitable for intensive workouts, sports and all weather adventures outdoors. The resilience to moisture also means cleaning and maintenance is made all the more easier.

Battery Life

These in-ears offer a runtime of two to three hours, depending on the selected volume setting. Keeping your battery charged is relatively easy, however, with the transport/charging case providing you with three full charging cycles. After these three charges have been used, you’ll need to revert to another power source and charge your case as well. Thankfully, three LEDs are on hand to give you a clear indication of battery life. They are displayed on the device itself, as well as the charging case. When it comes to charging your case, you only need to keep it wired to an external power source for around 15 minutes for approximately a 50 percent charge. Leave it to charge for around 40 minutes and you can enjoy a fully charged case that’s good for three device charges once again. When charging your in-ears normally, you can expect a full device battery after approximately 90 minutes of charging. Relevant accessories included with these headphones include a USB-C cable, plus a separate USB-C-to-A adapter.

Bluetooth Connectivity


The wireless functionality of these in-ears utilises Bluetooth 4.2. In our test, we found reliable ranges of around seven to eight metres was the norm, with a range of iOS and Android devices tested. However, as the test went on, more and more dropouts became noticeable. Individual interference with the radio link had already been detected in advance of the test commencing, which wasn’t a reassuring find. In comparison to competitor models, the MW07 ranks somewhere in the lower midfield. That being said, there was no issues in establishing a connection itself. Pairing of devices takes place automatically when the handset is removed from its case, by switching on the in-ears and switching directly to pairing mode. Similarly, the system is switched off as soon as the in-ears are returned to the charging case.

Device Control

On the upper part of the MW07 housing you’ll find push buttons with clearly defined pressure points that enable direct, delay-free control of your device. While the left earpiece has two buttons for volume adjustments, the right earpiece is equipped with a multifunction button. This button controls playback, can be used to answer and terminate phone calls, while also handling title navigation thanks to double and triple-click gestures. As these in-ears come equipped with optical sensors, playback will be automatically paused should they be removed from the ear, before resuming when the in-ears are returned to a wearing position. What’s more, there’s the option of the wearer using only the right-hand earpiece for playback thanks to the multifunction button and its many control commands. This functionality might prove useful to those who like to keep aware of their surroundings when listening to audio on the go. Things are well thought-out and perfectly executed with these in-ears, with a user-friendly interface that ensures clarity and ease of use from the off.


Considering the asking price of these in-ears, I’d anticipated a sound profile that was neutral and analytical in nature. However, I was wrong in my estimations. The harmonic tuning of these in-ears is certainly pleasant, with warm sound colouration and a vibrant, powerful sound. The well-defined bass is full and boasts plenty of depth, while being perfectly countered by clearly present highs. The mids are a little more reserved, however. Resolution and dynamics are remarkable for a wireless headphone model in this price bracket, with a stereo panorama that will bowl you over, especially when you consider that you’re listening through a pair of in-ears. Sound is full and saturated, without ever appearing artificial or inflated. On the contrary, it’s appeal lies in how lively it is, suggesting a real sense of naturalness. There are some downsides to consider, sadly. For one, there’s a clearly noticeable background operational noise, although it doesn’t exactly ruin listening pleasure most of the time. Settle down in a quiet space for a long listening session though, and you might find this background distraction more of an issue. I would also have liked to have heard more balance in the highs, with this range sometimes sounding a little too sharp and overdrawn, with hissing sounds noticeable at particularly high levels. All in all, the system offers a seriously impressive performance level, with high output that covers a sweeping spectrum. With this in mind, you’ll find electronic music productions particularly boosted by the strong bass, while the warm timbre harmonises very well with genres like blues, soul and jazz.

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3 years ago by Maike Paeßens
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Master & Dynamic brings fresh ideas to the table with the MW07, particularly when it comes to material pick and processing, not to mention the innovative control functionality. Uniqueness runs through these in-ears, with even the sound alignment of these wireless headphones demonstrating how Master & Dynamic do it their way, sidestepping analytical neutrality for something more powerful and with a warmer character.

Technical specifications

  • Ear couplingIn-ear
  • Typeclosed
  • Transducer principledynamic
  • Weight without cable19 g

What's in the box

  • 5 pairs of ear tips (XS, S, M, L, XL)
  • 2 pairs of earhooks (S, L)
  • USB C-to-A adapter
  • USB C charging cable
  • Loading case
  • Transport bag

Special features

  • available in 7 different colors
  • BT codec: aptX
  • BT version: 4.2

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