Bluetooth by Pete Schloßnagel 1 month ago

Soundcore Sleep A20 by Anker

Very small and lightweight True Wireless in-ears with sleep tracking

The Soundcore Sleep A20 are interesting micro-headphones with a clear application field and should also be suitable for side sleepers.


Bluetooth by Ralf Willke 2 months ago

Denon PerL

True Wireless in-ears with personalised sound

Great sound with a slimmed-down feature set. If you were interested in the Denon PerL Pro because of the personalised sound profiles, you can confidently buy the Denon Perl without Pro for under 200 euros. At the moment, in this price range, the sound doesn't...


Bluetooth by Numinos 2 months ago

FiiO FW3

Fully integrated True Wireless in-ears

The FiiO FW3s are true sound all-rounders that can be seamlessly tuned from a discreet background sound to a swanky loudness monster.


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 2 months ago

Skullcandy EcoBuds

Affordable, small True Wireless in-ears with a commitment to sustainability

In contrast to conventional True Wireless in-ears, the Skullcandy EcoBuds are not supplied with a charging case, but with a battery-free charging station.


Bluetooth by Christian Preissig 3 months ago

Creative Zen Air Plus

Inexpensive TWS earphones with long battery life and good wearing comfort

The Creative Zen Air Plus is suitable for use during indoor and outdoor sports or gaming with its dynamic 10mm drivers, long battery life and mid-range sound.


Bluetooth by Numinos 3 months ago

FiiO FW5

Fully integrated True Wireless in-ears

The FiiO FW5 are true wireless in-ears with a neutral sound. What makes them special is the powerful equalizer!


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 3 months ago


Inexpensive True Wireless in-ears with noise cancelling

In a nutshell, you could characterise the JVC HA-A25T favourably with straightforward features and a balanced sound.