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Studio by Christian Preissig 6 years ago

Beyerdynamic Custom Studio

Dynamic Closed Headphones with Optional Bass Response Feature

With the Custom Studio, Beyerdynamic is expanding its professional series of headphones to include an enticing new model that boasts a nifty bass response system – a very intriguing prospect with potential studio use.


Studio by Christian Preissig 6 years ago

AKG K240 Studio

Semi-Open Dynamic Headphones with Powerful Sound

When AKG make a point to display ‘Professional Studio Standard’ on packaging of a product, they’re not making hollow claims. These headphones are just as advertised, having been a staple of many a studio for decades.


Studio by Christian Preissig 7 years ago

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

Open headphones with legendary sound

With the DT series headphones, Beyerdynamic developed a benchmark in the field of analytical music listening at the beginning of the 1980s. Since then, the DT-990 has established itself in professional use and is considered a permanent fixture in the studio.


Studio by Christian Preissig 7 years ago


Semi-Open Dynamic Headphones with a Balanced Sound

As the name suggests, the K240 MKII is the next iteration of the K240, a true AKG classic that has won over legions of loyal users in the years following its debut. You can count this reviewer among that group. It will be interesting to...