Master & Dynamic MW75

Bluetooth headphones with top-class active noise cancellation

In a nutshell

With the MW75, Master & Dynamic has produced an elegant and technically mature pair of headphones, which can be modified quite a bit thanks to the app controls. It may sound like a contradiction, but in my opinion, the design of the MW75 is so simple and elegant that it is visually striking. The handling of the headphones themselves as well as in the app is absolutely straightforward and matches the simplicity of the rest of the design. Pleasant materials ensure a smooth fit and warm but powerful sound indulges the ear. For listening to rock and pop music, the MW75 lack the necessary final touch of subtlety when it comes to the sibilance of vocals and speech.

These high-end headphones prove their suitability for everyday use with their impressive package and their convincing ANC features. The ambient mode is the only thing that seems a little restrained. If you have the money and are looking for elegant, balanced-sounding, closed headphones with ANC features, you should definitely lend an ear or two to the Master & Dynamic MW75.


The Master & Dynamic MW75 are an elegant and technically advanced over-ear that are perfectly suitable for everyday use thanks to Bluetooth, noise cancelling (ANC), connection with an app and a great package. If you are prepared to part with just under 600 euros, you will get a balanced-sounding pair of headphones with an impressive mix of materials.

Master & Dynamic MW75 package

The wireless Master & Dynamic MW75’s package includes a cable with USB-C and a 3.5 mm TRSS jack plug. This means that the headphones can be used wired even when the batteries are flat. A gold-plated plug adapter to a large jack and a USB-C cable with an adapter to USB-A for charging the battery are also included. Frequent flyers will be pleased to know that an adapter for the typical double plugs in aircraft is included in this package too. The hard-shell case with a storage compartment for the cables and slots for the adapters is eye-catching. The case is felt-lined and is sufficiently secure for stowing in hand luggage. This is a comprehensive package that definitely meets the typical high standards of the New York manufacturer.

Construction, material and technology of the Master & Dynamic MW75

With the MW75, Master & Dynamic wants to combine chic design and powerful sound. In my eyes, they have succeeded. The headphones are available in four finishes. One comes with a matt black gunmetal finish and black leather, but you can also choose headphones with silver metal details and grey or brown leather. An all-black version is also available. Regardless of the colour, the design of these headphones is modern and elegant. Adding to this simplicity, the backs of the ear cups are finished off in a visually appealing way with a shiny polished tempered glass plate.

To protect the eight microphones built into the MW75 from wind noise, they are located in small chambers that have been especially acoustically calculated by the manufacturer. For best sound, the microphones have been arranged in a beamforming array. This means that the differences in propagation time between the microphones are calculated, taken into account and compensated for.


The MW75 uses 40mm drivers whose beryllium coating is supposed to ensure that its diaphragms are both light and yet have a high degree of rigidity. Incidentally, the drivers are housed at a slight angle. This is supposed to further refine the listening experience. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide any information on the headphone’s transducer design, nor on the frequency range and maximum sound pressure of their reproduction.

Handling of the Master & Dynamic MW75

The Master & Dynamic MW75’s aluminium ear cups are light and yet seem to be robust. This is because the material is protected against corrosion by being anodised. Memory foam ensures that the MW75’s removable ear pads, which are held in place by magnets, adapt perfectly to the shape of your head. The pleasant, high-quality feel of these headphones is also enhanced by the genuine leather that surrounds the ear pads and headband padding. And for me, soft lambskin is still one of the most comfortable headphone materials against the skin. The size adjustment of the headband is not ratcheted but still holds perfectly. I would describe the contact pressure of the headband as balanced. The MW75’s fit was secure even during movement of the head.


In addition to “dry” Bluetooth and wired operation, these headphones offer five other playback modes, three of which are for active noise cancellation. Among these is an adaptive ANC version that automatically adjusts to ambient noise with the help of four microphones. The MAX version provides maximum noise cancellation, and the All-Day mode is designed for everyday situations. Two different ambient modes are also included. The MW75’s sound can also be adjusted for their intended use and to suit personal taste via the M&D Connect app (Android and iOS). Four presets are available for this, “Bass Boost”, “Bass Cut”, “Podcast” and “Audiophile”.

For wireless connection, Master & Dynamic rely on Bluetooth 5.1 and the codecs SBC, AAC and aptX Adaptive with up to 24 bit / 48kHz. This allows the user to move up to 30m away from the transmission source. Bluetooth pairing is accompanied by audible feedback. The respective status is easy to read via info LED. The headphones switch off automatically when they are taken off and put down. This feature can also be deactivated in the app. But even when it remains on, the MW75’s battery lasts for up to 28 hours with the ANC feature in use. Without the ANC activated, these Bluetooth headphones last for 32 hours. A quick charge can then provide another six hours of runtime after 15 minutes. There is also audible feedback for the ANC feature. All audio prompts can also be deactivated in the app.

The sound of the Master & Dynamic MW75

Master & Dynamic promise warm bass and comprehensive treble reproduction from the MW75. And indeed, from the very first notes, it’s clear that velvety highs are on offer, finely resolving but still discreet in their own way, right into the super-high range. In modern music productions the frequency range in the upper treble, where you will find sibilance, was slightly too sharp for my taste. But we are really just talking about nuance here.

In the bass range, these headphones sounded rich and full. Pressure was the order of the day. This was also due to the fact that the lower mids were strongly represented, giving the overall sound a strong, warm foundation. At the transition from the bass range to the low bass, however, the reproduction was a little “boomy”. If, however, the sub-bass was addressed in relative isolation, the sound of the MW75 was differentiated enough that other frequency ranges were not overlaid by the massive bass. Speech intelligibility of vocals and spoken word was very good in the midrange. This makes the MW75 high-end media headphones.

Dynamically, the MW75 are well positioned: Fast transients were reproduced powerfully and the bandwidth from quiet signals to loud distortion-free reproduction was sufficiently wide. However, the maximum volume didn’t blow me away. If you want to listen to your music with really good sound, you’ll find what you’re looking for here, but if you want to do it at high volume, you won’t.

The MW75’s passive attenuation of external noise was really successful. The acoustic isolation from the outside world was also convincing. I really liked the stereo impression of these headphones, and the depth gradation was also top-notch because it was three-dimensional. With classical music, these facets are at their best. With no missing sibilants, which can be found in pop music vocals, the subjective signal resolution is also excellent.

Just a few words on the wired sound, which differs from the Bluetooth sound in many wireless headphones. This was not the case with the MW75 in terms of sound profile. However, the Bluetooth sound was significantly louder than the wired sound. In addition, in our test, the cable had to be plugged in two or three times before its plug assignment was recognised by our Android smartphone.

Noise cancelling & transparency mode

The “Max” ANC mode, which can be activated on the headphones, does an excellent job. Even when directly in front of a fan, it completely suppressed the noise of the rotor blades. The ANC modes “All-Day” and “Adaptive” also solved this problem. On planes, trains and in the urban jungle, they should easily provide you with undisturbed listening pleasure. The adaptive ANC mode works so well that it removes the user’s own pulse beat from the signal. I was really thrilled about this! The different ANC modes do not change the sound of the reproduction, as is the case with many budget range headphones. At the price of these headphones, that would have been a bit of a scandal.

I was not so convinced by the transparency/ambient mode. It was rather discreet and allowed more of the surroundings to be heard than the MW75’s passive isolation actually allowed. However, the result was not as strong as with competing models that also use this technology. The Awareness setting of the ambient mode was pre-set by default in the model we tested. The app can be used to switch to the Voice setting. It then lets through external signals in a narrower frequency range.

2 years ago by Carsten Kaiser
  • Rating: 4.25
  • Sound
  • Handling
  • Price/Quality
  • Function

Technical specifications

  • Ear couplingOver-ear
  • Typeclosed
  • Transducer principledynamic
  • Impedance32 ohms
  • Weight with cable356 g
  • Weight without cable336 g
  • Cable length200 cm

What's in the box

  • USB-C to 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • USB-C to USB-C charging cable
  • USB-A charging cable adapter
  • 6.35mm stereo jack
  • Aeroplane adapter
  • Hard-shell travel case

Special features

  • available in Black Leather/Gunmetal, Grey Leather/Silver Metal and Brown Leather/Silver Metal
  • BT codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX Adaptive
  • BT version: 5.1

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