Best of: Apple

The best headphones from Apple

Which Apple and beats headphones are good?

One of the best noise cancellations (ANC, Active Noise Cancelling) on the market, good to very good sound, clever technology and a great integration – Apple headphones regularly get top rankings and recommendations from us.

We also list the company’s subsidiary beats in this top list, since the built-in technology comes from the same company.

Which Apple headphones should I buy?

First, you have to decide which design is right for you. Should it be an over-ear, or do you want completely wireless True Wireless In-Ears? Our guide “What are the pros and cons of in-ear and over-ear headphones?” will hopefully help you decide which Apple headphones are right for you.

These are currently the best Apple and beats headphones:

  • Over-ear: Apple AirPods Max – these headphones are not cheap, but 600 Euros (RRP) buys you a perfectly matched Hearable for (almost) any Apple hardware. We are not only impressed by the easy integration and interaction, but also by the excellent noise cancelling and last but not least the very good sound (see review).
  • In-ear: Apple AirPods Pro 2 – the top model of the true-wireless class also delivers very good noise cancelling (review), sounds very good and is perfectly integrated with Apple’s hardware.
  • In-ear: beats Fit Pro – these headphones are best suited for athletes and Android users. Thanks to silicone fins, the Fit Pro (review) fit super securely in the ears, their sound is almost as good as that of the AirPods Pro 2, and thanks to the Android app, they can be adjusted to one’s needs better on this platform than the parent company’s headphones.

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