Superlux headphones

Cult brand for musicians due to unbeatable price-performance ratio

The Superlux brand achieved the highest possible acceptance and customer satisfaction through the Thomann music store. The Asian development and production as well as the strong trading partner enable unbeatably cheap headphones. Superlux headphones are classic budget products that have repeatedly received top marks in tests and customer satisfaction.

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Bluetooth by Carsten Kaiser 10 months ago

Superlux HDB671 Wireless

Lightweight Bluetooth Headphones for Monitoring and Listening On the Go

With the release of the Superlux HDB671 Wireless, a low-cost take on closed-back monitoring headphones is ready for review.


Studio by Carsten Kaiser 1 year ago

Superlux HD671

Insider tip for monitoring tasks

The closed Superlux HD671 is a low-priced circumaural monitor headphone at a great price. We have tested it on behalf of all audiophiles.


Studio by Chris Mayer 4 years ago

Superlux HD681

Dynamic Headphones with Good Sound at a Great Price

The Superflux HD681 combines quality sound performance with an affordable price tag that should have those higher-priced competitors quaking in their boots!


Editor's recommendations: Superlux

Despite a few shortcomings, I can fully recommend the Superlux HD681 as a headphone contender for those seeking something that won’t break the bank, yet doesn’t ditch the fundamentals of good sound and user-friendly features.

Chris Mayer
Chris Mayer 30. September 2015

The Superlux HD671 is my suggestion for those who want to buy nice-to-wear monitor headphones for a small price, which does much more than its low-cost promises. Workmanship and design play are seen here at a comparatively high level and even offer eye-catchers like “tyre ear cushions”. But the most important thing is that the HD671 delivers a richly detailed sound that not only makes it easy to mix music from the sub-bass to the high end, but they’re also virtually unrivalled in their price range when it comes to sound quality. Above all, the evaluation of mid and high succeeds with this headset and is much more accurate than comparable models of the competition. The only drawback in the test was the unpleasant smell of the ear cushions. Apart from that, the Superlux HD671 is, in my opinion, a small but hidden gem among “cheap” headphones.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 2. October 2018

In my opinion, the addition of wireless functionality of the Superlux HDB671 is only really a benefit in regards to everyday listening, when you compare it to the wired version of this device. When it comes to wireless monitoring, the sound of these Superflux headphones is simply too unbalanced, with an overemphasis in the upper midrange, as well as the treble. When you connect the headphones via cable for monitoring tasks, sound suddenly takes on much more refined character. This is also true of the wired HD671 model from Superlux. All in all, if you want an affordable pair of monitoring headphones with fine audio resolution, with the added perk of wireless connectivity for listening on the go, the Superlux HDB671 is well worth considering.

Carsten Kaiser
Carsten Kaiser 14. December 2018