Made in Bavaria – Ultrasone Headphone Manufacturer from Lake Starnberg, Germany

As one of the leading developers and manufacturers of headphones, Ultrasone AG has made a name for itself among audiophile listeners all over the world since its founding in 1991. Ultrasonic headphones can be found in the pro-audio sector among hip DJs and renowned recording studios as well as among hi-fi enthusiasts in over 50 countries. The exclusive “Manufaktur” models, which are handcrafted in Germany, also enjoy an excellent reputation. For some years now, MP3 player and smartphone owners have also been able to enjoy the sound of portable headphones in Ultrasone-quality.

The company from Lake Starnberg holds more than 60 patents; a special feature of the Ultrasone-models is the patented S Logic Technology, which provides a spatial and natural sound via a decentralized arrangement of the transducers and at the same time preserves the hearing. The ULE shielding developed in 1997 is another milestone in Ultrasonics history, which reduces the electromagnetic radiation exposure of the head by up to 98 percent when using headphones.

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Hi-Fi by Ulf Kaiser 1 year ago

Ultrasone Edition 15 Veritas

Audiophile wired over-ear headphones

The Bavarian headphone manufacturer Ultrasone not only always aims at high sound quality, but also always has the audiophile connoisseur in mind. With the Edition 15 Veritas, they offer you a model that meets the highest demands.


Amplifier by Ulf Kaiser 1 year ago

Ultrasone Panther

Audiophile Headphone Amplifier/DAC for mobile use

Audio apps and the amplifier electronics of smartphones, tablets and laptops are not explicitly designed for audiophile sound enjoyment. Instead, they reflect the state of the art technology that can be accommodated in these devices at a given size, power consumption and price. Ultrasone's combined...


Hi-Fi by Numinos 2 years ago

Ultrasone Edition eleven

Open high-end headphones

Earphone manufacturers are doing everything they can to sell as many headsets as possible. However, the Bavarian manufacturer Ultrasone is following a completely different path - it relies on artificial scarcity. Because Edition Eleven is limited to 1,111 units, the price is just as exclusive,...


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A small consolation: if you do not have a thousand euros to hand for these first-class headphones, there are models from other brands, and even from Ultrasone itself, which provide similar sound quality for a much lower price. Nevertheless, the Edition Eleven absolutely has a place as a luxurious must-have. In terms of both sound quality and appearance, these hand-made headphones from Bavaria offer excellence that is totally worth the price.

Numinos 29. November 2018

The Edition 15 Veritas has a clear focus – pure musical enjoyment at the highest level. In addition to the actual sound reproduction, this only requires a cable connection for high resolutions and a high level of wearing comfort.

Ulf Kaiser
Ulf Kaiser 19. September 2019

With an asking price of less than 500 euros, Ultrasone offers the Signature Studio as a reliable partner for studio use and other professional applications, as well as everyday use for connections to devices like laptops. For all professional users of closed studio headphones, there is now a first-rate alternative that’s ideal for the upper mid-range, which is sure to soar to the top of the list in terms of sound quality.

Marcus Schlosser
Marcus Schlosser 10. September 2018