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Hi-Fi by Carsten Kaiser 3 weeks ago

Fostex TH616

Annniversary edition of the open hi-fi over-ear model

The Fostex TH616 are open over-ear headphones with an elegant design and detailed sound, here released as a hi-fi anniversary model.


Studio by Ulf Kaiser 3 weeks ago

Sennheiser HD 490 PRO Plus

Open over-ear headphones for studio use

The Sennheiser HD 490 Pro (and Plus) turn out to be sonically appealing, pleasantly transparent and linearly tuned open headphones.


Studio by Carsten Kaiser 1 month ago

the t.bone HD 815

Closed-back mixing and recording headphones for guitar music

The t.bone HD 815 really knows how to impress. When mixing, it is particularly suitable for sound work on distorted guitars in rock and metal.


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 1 month ago

Huawei FreeClip

Lightweight, innovative open-ear earphones with superb wearing comfort

With the FreeClip, Huawei offer delicate open-ear earphones that do things differently from what we might be used to.


Hi-Fi by Ulf Kaiser 3 months ago

FiiO FT3

Open dynamic over-ear headphones

FiiO focuses entirely on the audiophile audio sector and generally offers high-quality products with an attractive price-performance ratio. The same applies to the FT3 model.


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 3 months ago

Edifier W320TN

True Wireless earbuds with adaptive ANC and LDAC

Edifier's W320TN range includes good-sounding True Wireless headphones with adaptive noise cancellation and an adjustable transparency mode, which offer a high level of wearing comfort thanks to their half-in-ear design.


Hi-Fi by Carsten Kaiser 3 months ago

Hifiman Arya Organic

Hi-fi headphones with a distinctive open sound image

The Hifiman Arya Organic are planar-magnetic, open over-ear headphones that focus on detailed and differentiated reproduction.