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Bluetooth by Ralf Willke 3 weeks ago

Denon PerL Pro

True Wireless in-ears with personalised fitting function

With the PerL Pro, Denon offers unique True Wireless in-ears, which are very impressive thanks to the personalised calibration to one's own hearing ability.


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 4 weeks ago

Soundcore Space One by Anker

Portable Bluetooth over-ears with Adaptive Noise Cancellation and LDAC

The Soundcore Space One offer three colour options to choose from, black, cream and light blue, they weigh 263 grams and can be folded up to save space for portability.


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 1 month ago

Sony WF-1000XM5

Lavishly equipped True-Wireless headphones with noise cancelling

The Sony WF-1000XM5 is a remarkable headphone with long battery life.


Bluetooth by Ralf Willke 1 month ago

Beats Studio Pro

Wireless over-ear with very good sound and effective noise cancelling

With the Beats Studio Pro, Apple make a spirited move into the headphone market that not only attacks their ageing Apple AirPods Max but also aims to win over the Android community.


Bluetooth by Pete Schloßnagel 1 month ago

Technics EAH-AZ60M2

True Wireless in-ears with very good sound and efficient ANC

The Technics EAH-AZ60M2 convince with very good sound, efficient noise cancelling and an innovative technology for phone calls.


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 2 months ago

Edifier W820NB Plus

Endurance Bluetooth over-ears with ANC and LDAC

With the W820NB Plus, Edifier has affordable over-ears in its lineup that sound good and have effective ANC.


Bluetooth by Numinos 2 months ago

SoundPEATS Opera03 &Opera05

Cheap Bluetooth True Wireless in-ears with ANC and Hi-Res Audio

The SoundPEATS Opera03 and Opera05 are affordable Bluetooth True Wireless in-ears with Hi-Res Audio and noise cancelling.


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 4 months ago

Nothing Ear (2)

Stylish second generation True Wireless in-ears with LHDC 5.0

With the Nothing Ear (2), the emerging British company focuses on innovations such as an individual sound profile and personalisable noise cancellation, especially as LHDC 5.0 technology supports high-resolution streaming via Bluetooth.