Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 32 Ohm

Closed studio headphones (also) for on the go

The DT 770 from Beyerdynamic is undoubtedly a classic that should be a basic piece of kit for many musicians and studios. There are now a large number of variants and the individual models differ not only in their impedances but also in their equipment details.


The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 32 Ohm is a dynamic closed-type headphone with ear cups. Thanks to its excellent attenuation, these Beyerdynamic headphones are suitable for monitoring studio recordings and also for mobile use. The massive DT 770 Pro – like all Beyerdynamic headphones that I know of – has no folding mechanism to facilitate transport.

The DT 770 Pro 32 Ohm also has no additional equipment apart from the obligatory screwable adapter to 6.35 mm and a transport bag. The cable (which, at 1.6 m, is efficiently short for mobile use), is fixed but has no gimmicks such as a remote control or microphone. The ear pads and the headband padding, on the other hand, are easily replaceable. Depending on your preference, you could, for example, reorder velour ear cushions, and there is also an optionally available cable extension, which could prove useful in various studio scenarios.

Also suitable for large ears

I always like wearing headphones from Beyerdynamic and this model is no exception! I particularly like the high-quality, soft imitation leather of the thick ear pads which enclose my ears very comfortably. In addition, the dimensions of the earcups are so generous that even those with large ears should have no problems wearing them. With its moderate contact pressure, the headphones sit comfortably yet securely – perfect!

High quality and solid workmanship


The haptics and appearance of the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 32 Ohm are thoroughly high-quality and solid, not least due to the distinctive metal parts of the headphones. The direct optical comparison to the “Far East Homage” Superlux HD330 reveals that the German manufacturer is still in a different league in terms of processing quality – but this is also true in terms of price. My only point of criticism is the ever-present exposed cable connection between the headband and the ear cups which could easily be damaged accidentally. So take care!

Average display and transparency

As with other Beyerdynamic models, the DT 770 Pro 32 Ohm is diffuse field equalised. Roughly speaking, this means that the frequency response of the transducer does not try to be automatically linear. Instead, the reproduction should be according to the signal arriving at the ear from a sound source in the room, including its spectral deviations. Furthermore, we are dealing with the lowest impedance within the DT-770 family. As an example of this, some time ago I compared the 80 and 250 Ohm versions of the DT 770 Pro with each other and couldn’t find any sound differences. These headphones are not available for direct comparison, but the 32 Ohm headphones seem to have the same tonal attributes that I noticed at the time.

So how does it sound? For a closed headphone, the DT 770 Pro has an above-average natural, spatial representation and transparency, with good transient reproduction. In terms of frequency reproduction, the Beyerdynamic headphones don’t match my personal preferences for professional studio headphones as they sound a bit too ‘nice’ and not neutral enough. In addition, the mids are somewhat under-represented, which makes professional evaluation of tonalities more difficult. But with its rich bass and prominent treble, it is sure to suit many hi-fi enthusiasts. It’s nice that this classic can now also be played on mobile players at a practical volume, but on professional headphone amplifiers it sounds much more balanced than on an iPod etc.

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The 32 Ohm version of the popular Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is an attractive headphone, and the wearing comfort and workmanship remain at the high level for which the German manufacturer is known. It’s good to know that Beyerdynamic can offer headphones to suit a variety of needs, so it’s definitely worth testing the DT 770 Pro 32 Ohm.

Measurement Results

Frequency response:

Exterior noise damping:
More measurement results

Technical specifications

  • Ear couplingOver-ear
  • Typeclosed
  • Frequency response (headphones)5 - 35.000 Hz
  • Impedance31,1 ohms
  • Sound pressure level (SPL)94,04 dB
  • Pressure averaged from big and small head750,5 g
  • Weight with cable317 g
  • Weight without cable278 g
  • Cable length165 cm

What's in the box

  • 6.35mm stereo jack
  • Carrying pouch

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