Studio by Ulf Kaiser 2 months ago

Sennheiser HD 490 PRO Plus

Open over-ear headphones for studio use

The Sennheiser HD 490 Pro (and Plus) turn out to be sonically appealing, pleasantly transparent and linearly tuned open headphones.


Studio by Carsten Kaiser 3 months ago

the t.bone HD 815

Closed-back mixing and recording headphones for guitar music

The t.bone HD 815 really knows how to impress. When mixing, it is particularly suitable for sound work on distorted guitars in rock and metal.


Studio by Carsten Kaiser 5 months ago

Behringer Omega

Open over-ear headphones for the home studio

The Behringer Omega are open over-ear headphones for home recording use, priced in the budget range.


Hi-Fi by Carsten Kaiser 5 months ago

Behringer Alpha

Open, circumaural hi-fi headphones

In our test, the Behringer Alpha were keen to show that they had a lot to offer as open over-ear headphones with a budget price range. How well did they do?


Hi-Fi by Carsten Kaiser 6 months ago

Audeze MM-100

Planar-magnetic mixing and mastering headphones

The Audeze MM-100 aims to bring the sonic benchmarks of the MM-500 model within affordable reach.


Hi-Fi by Ulf Kaiser 6 months ago

HEDD Audio HEDDphone Two

Open over-ear headphones with Air Motion Transformer

With the HEDDphone 2 HEDD continue to target audiophile music lovers as well as the professional audio sector who need headphones for stationary use.


Bluetooth by Carsten Kaiser 8 months ago

Valco VMK25

Wireless ANC headphones with powerful sound and feisty style

The Valco VMK25 are good everyday headphones in terms of technology, handling, comfort and sound, but they have a few belligerent mannerisms.


Hi-Fi by Carsten Kaiser 11 months ago

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 80 Ohm

New version of the open over-ear studio classic

The Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 80 Ohm fits excellently, impresses with a fine sound image and is also suitable for audio interfaces, podcast workstations and smart devices.