Onanoff Fokus

Lightweight, wired over-ears for learning, working and listening to music

With the Fokus, Onanoff have added a lightweight over-ear model in their range that is particularly convincing with its core competence, excellent speech intelligibility.


The Onanoff Fokus are available in a grey colour scheme and weigh a mere 185 grams, making them decidedly lightweight. The fabric-like cover of the headband and earcups ensures an appealing look and feel. Despite their lightweight construction, the frame and the size adjustment are made of metal, which gives the Fokus stability and a degree of robustness. However, the metal frame does not have a ratchet, and this can be annoying as the size adjustment of the earpieces is infinitely variable and may change not only when the earpieces are adjusted but also when the headphones are put down or put on.

Wearer comfort and washable ear pads

On the plus side, the fit of the Onanoff Fokus was neither too tight nor too loose, so that there was sufficient support for everyday use, but the contact pressure was not too much. However, I did notice that the ample padding does not offer much room for your ears, which can lead to problems if yours are particularly large. Also, the headband size adjustment does not seem to be all that suitable for larger head shapes, which makes the Fokus more suitable for small to medium-sized adult heads and an option for schoolchildren or teenagers. According to the manufacturer, the ear pads can be cleaned in the washing machine at 30°C and are easy to install and remove, a very practical feature.

Replaceable cable


Instead of a fixed cable, the Fokus have a 3.5 mm audio input, which offers its advantages. In the event of a breakage, the audio cable is replaceable, and this means it can also be specifically adapted to the area of use. A 120-centimetre mini-jack cable with gold-plated plugs is included, and this is well suited for use with a laptop or tablet. However, for a workstation with a tower case, the cable is too short, so it would have to be replaced with a longer version. The position of the audio jack is not optimal, as it has been placed on the right side of the earcup towards the back. This means that the cable rests against the shoulder and causes avoidable cable noise; a front attachment would have been better.


For device control, the Onanoff Fokus is equipped with a 1-button remote, located on the right earcup. While a single press controls playback and is used to answer and end calls, a double press advances to the next track, and a triple press goes back. A short press and hold activates Siri on iOS devices. However, there is no volume control, so this has to be done either by voice control or on the device itself. In addition, a separate slide switch above the remote button is used to switch between the two available sound modes of the Fokus.

Speech quality during phone calls

For video conferencing, home office, home-schooling or making phone calls, the Fokus headphones have an integrated microphone that provides good speech intelligibility in a quiet environment. However, since outside noise is not actively filtered, one’s own voice can be affected by street noise or background voices. The person on the other end of the call can be understood well and is reproduced with marked presence, making the conversational situation seem direct but not obtrusive.


The manufacturer advertises the basic sound of the Onanoff Focus, called “Music Mode”, as having a powerful bass response, and this is certainly the case. The full, round bass foundation has energy and reaches surprisingly far down, and the low bass seems quite lush and massive. However, the lower ranges seem a little spongy and muffled, which can dampen the fun factor a little when listening to hip-hop, electro and the like. Apart from the low bass, however, these over-ears offer an appealingly clear, clean and detailed reproduction. The music mode scores points with a convincing, comprehensible reproduction of voices that sound full-bodied with a pleasant warmth. Sibilant sounds do not cause any problems, even at higher volume levels, which the Fokus is quite capable of, as they are reproduced very softly. The Fokus are also not prone to harshness or peaks in the upper registers, which are gentle but do not fall off, resulting in an open sound impression.

When in “Focus mode”, there is a significant drop in the lower and mid-bass range, which increases the clarity of the presentation. At the same time, the voice reproduction gains space, which is centrally in the foreground and, when in direct comparison, still seems warm but a little brighter. In any case, the tuning makes it easy to concentrate on spoken content and to follow it with little fatigue, even over long periods. Podcasts, audiobooks and films benefit from a lively and fresh sound. If you don’t like the bass strength of the basic sound, you can, of course, use the Focus mode when listening to music.

1 year ago by Maike Paeßens
  • Rating: 4
  • Sound
  • Handling
  • Price/Quality
  • Function

With the Onanoff Fokus, certain restrictions in wearing comfort and handling have to be accepted due to the lack of a ratchet for the earcup adjustment and an unfortunate positioning of the mini-jack. The modern, bass-emphasised basic sound of these over-ears could be more defined in the low-frequency range, but otherwise, it has no weaknesses and shines with a clean, pleasantly warm voice reproduction, providing versatile all-rounder qualities. For spoken content, there is also a Focus mode that places emphasis on the reproduction of voices and offers excellent intelligibility. In this respect, the price/sound ratio of these quite affordable Fokus headphones proves to be exceptionally good.

  • Lightweight format
  • Washable ear pads
  • Interchangeable mini jack cable
  • Two sound modes
  • Speech intelligibility during phone calls
  • Location of the audio jack
  • Earpiece adjustment without ratchet
  • Earpiece does not appear suitable for larger ears and head shapes

Technical specifications

  • Ear couplingOver-ear
  • Typeclosed
  • Transducer principledynamic
  • Weight with cable195 g
  • Weight without cable185 g
  • Cable length120 cm

What's in the box

  • Mini-jack cable

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