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In-Ear by Ulf Kaiser 5 months ago

64 Audio U4s

Audiophile in-ear headphones with four drivers

With the U4s, 64 Audio adds another excellent-sounding in-ear monitor to its product portfolio.


Amplifier by Maike Paeßens 5 months ago

Lake People G103-S MKII

Compact, powerful headphone amplifier with RCA inputs

With the G103-S MKII, Lake People offer a high-quality, powerful headphone amplifier at an extremely attractive price.


In-Ear by Ulf Kaiser 9 months ago

FiiO FH9

Wired in-ear monitor for discerning music listeners

The immaculately crafted FiiO FH9, designed as an advanced hybrid device, is an in-ear monitor for sophisticated demands.


In-Ear by Ulf Kaiser 10 months ago

64 Audio Fourté Blanc

Audiophile in-ear monitor in a limited edition

If you are prepared to put 4,300 euros on the table, the 64 Audio Fourté Blanc is an excellent IEM for the hi-fi market.


In-Ear by Numinos 11 months ago

Beyerdynamic Xelento remote (2. Generation)

High-end wired in-ears with flawless sound

The new edition of these high-end in-ears impressed us with high-quality optics and materials, plus thanks to new Tesla drivers, they also receive top marks in terms of sound.


In-Ear by Carsten Kaiser 11 months ago

Shure SE846 Gen 2

High-end in-ears with customisable sound

With the Shure SE846 Gen 2, the new generation of the successful high-end in-ear model is waiting in the wings.


Amplifier by Ulf Kaiser 12 months ago

Chord Electronics Mojo 2

Portable audiophile DAC and headphone amplifier

The Chord Electronics Mojo 2 sounds great and provides demanding music listeners with an excellent converter and potent headphone amplifier.