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Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 4 years ago

Aukey EP-B36

Cheap Bluetooth-On-ears with quality, bass-driven sound

These wireless EP-B36 on-ears from Chinese manufacturer Aukey are a real price-performance hit, offering rich and dynamic sound for a very reasonable asking price. In addition, the lightweight and foldable design of this compact model offers excellent wearing comfort. You can also expect a long...


Bluetooth by Carsten Kaiser 4 years ago

Shure SE846 Bluetooth

A Bluetooth Update of a High-End Classic

The Shure SE846 has already been reviewed by us upon its original release, but we now bring you our breakdown of the Bluetooth enabled upgrade of this classic pair of headphones. What’s more, there’s the added benefit of sound isolation functionality.


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 4 years ago

TaoTronics TT-BH047

Well-sounding, bass-driven ANC Bluetooth over-ears with limitations

The Chinese manufacturer TaoTronics is expanding its headphone portfolio with the TT-BH047 by adding wireless over-ears with a switchable noise suppression feature that offers a comfortable fit, a functional hands-free device control unit and a speakerphone with a high Bluetooth range and running time. In...


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 4 years ago

Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro

Lightweight, waterproof Bluetooth in-ears for athletic use

The wireless Soundcore Spirit Pro from Anker are characterized by a compact design with low weight and a sweat-resistant nano-coating designed especially for sporting challenges. In addition to a high level of comfort and a firm seat, they also offer good sound quality and a...


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 4 years ago

RHA MA650 Wireless

Sport-ready Bluetooth in-ear headphones with neckband

Recently, the RHA MA750 Wireless convinced me with its powerful sound and excellent features. For about 50 euros less than this, you can get the similarly constructed MA650 Wireless, in a choice of black or white. It offers comparable functionality, but relies on other drivers...


TaoTronics TT-BH036

Ultra-light Bluetooth Headphones with Active Noise Control

Can closed-back over-ears TaoTronics TT-BH036 convince with their noise cancelling, Bluetooth transmission and voice call features?


Smartphone by Carsten Kaiser 4 years ago

Denon AH-D1200

Closed Over-Ears with Sophisticated Sound

With the Denon AH-D1200, the Japanese manufacturer delivers a closed, ear-enclosing HiFi headphone that strives to impress with sophisticated and precise sound. Denon is promoting the device for continuous use on the go, making it ideal for travellers or commuters. Do the headphones live up...


Smartphone by Ulf Kaiser 4 years ago

Marshall Major III

Powerful on-ear headphones with lifestyle design and treble accentuation

The Marshall Major is by no means just a legendary tube amplifier from the sixties, but is also an established on-ear headphone from the same manufacturer. It’s presented to us for this test in the wired third version. Visually, the equally lightweight and robust device...


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 4 years ago

Marshall Major III Bluetooth

Powerful Bluetooth On-ear Headphones with Lifestyle Design

British manufacturer Marshall has long been successful not only in the market of tube amplifiers but also in the field of consumer electronics. These products have always remained iconic and utilized the unique Tolex look that is reminiscent of miniature versions of the famous loudspeaker...


Kids by Maike Paeßens 5 years ago

Onanoff Buddyphones Play and Wave

Bluetooth On-Ears for Children with Volume Control

In addition to the wired models Standard, Explore and InFlight , Onanoff also offers two Bluetooth headphones designed especially for children in two variants: Play and Wave. These have a volume limit with four hearing modes which allow the devices to be adapted for hearing...