sweat resistant


Technics EAH-AZ80

Premium True Wireless in-ears with very good sound and efficient ANC

The Technics EAH-AZ80 impressed us with very good sound, efficient noise cancelling (ANC), innovative technology for phone calls (JustMyVoice) and an app that leaves nothing to be desired.


Bluetooth by Numinos 1 month ago

Soundpeats Capsule3 Pro

True Wireless in-ears with Hi-Res Audio and ANC

The SoundPEATS Capsule3 Pro cost very little, but deliver a lot with effective ANC, long battery life, High-Res Audio capability and a customisable EQ curve. And that's not just on paper, but in your ears, too.


Bluetooth by Pete Schloßnagel 1 month ago

Huawei FreeBuds 5

True Wireless EarBuds with noise cancelling and an unusual design

The new Huawei FreeBuds 5 are anything but ordinary: open construction, eye-catching design, plus Hi-Res Audio including LC3, LHDC and LDAC and specially adapted noise cancelling with three microphones each. This sounds impressive on paper, but in practice, the FreeBuds 5 might not be everyone's...


Bluetooth by Ralf Willke 2 months ago

Bowers & Wilkins Pi5 S2

Very good sounding True Wireless in-ears in a 2nd generation

There is a compelling reason to choose headphones from Bowers & Wilkins: the sound. This applies to the revised version of the Pi5 as much as it did to the previous model. Fans of the British manufacturer will not mind if one or two features...


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 2 months ago

Soundcore VR P10 by Anker

True Wireless in-ears for (VR) Gaming

The Soundcore VR P10 support Bluetooth 5.2 and a 2.4 GHz high-speed connection via USB-C dongle for ultra-low latency gameplay, said to be under 30 milliseconds. Earpiece settings such as touch controls, sound and lighting of these wireless in-ears are also customisable via app.


Bluetooth by Pete Schloßnagel 2 months ago

Jabra Elite 4

True Wireless in-ears with good sound and noise cancelling

Good sound, active noise cancellation and great wearing comfort – the Jabra Elite 4's list of features already sounds good. But are the perfect headphones for work and leisure, as promised by Jabra? Well, as is often the case, it's all in the details...


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 3 months ago

Creative Zen Air

Affordable True Wireless in-ears with Noise Control

With the Zen Air, Creative launch a pair of compact, wireless in-ears which are equipped with Active Noise Cancellation and an ambient mode available at an attractive price. A total of four microphones are designed to ensure clear speech intelligibility during phone calls.


Bluetooth by Numinos 3 months ago

SoundPEATS RunFree Lite

Bluetooth headband earphones with air conduction technology

SoundPEATS RunFree Lite headphones are not stuck in the ear canal like in-ears but use a special technology that keeps the ears clear. This ensures safety in everyday use. Although the RunFree Lite are not among the most high-end headphones on the market, considering the...


Bluetooth by Pete Schloßnagel 3 months ago

Marshall Motif A.N.C. Diamond Jubilee

Stylish True Wireless in-ears with Noise Cancelling

The Motif A.N.C. from Marshall look good, are comfortable to wear and deliver a good sound. Fans of the brand may be content with that, but if you're looking for the best noise cancelling or value custom sound tuning, then you may be disappointed.


Bluetooth by Numinos 3 months ago

Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus

Bluetooth in-ears with speech enhancement and ANC

The new Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus are properly "hearable": using special algorithms, they enhance speech intelligibility in noisy environments and so reduce the basic stress caused by this kind of background noise. That's good news for people with hearing loss, although they will have to...