König & Meyer headphone table stand 16075

A permanent place for loose headphones

For those not familiar with König & Meyer (or K&M, for short), the manufacturer from Wertheim am Main in southwestern Germany is popular for their microphone stands that are available all around the world. “Stands for Music” is the K&M claim, so it goes without saying that the company’s portfolio also includes a line of headphone stands.


The Model 16075 is an elegantly cut and neatly machined steel stand with a plastic cap to hang the headphones from. Four stick-on rubber feet allow the headset stand to sit securely on surfaces of any kind. One may, therefore, assume that the quiet soles also leave no residue on sensitive surfaces. The quality of the 256-gram headphone stand is, to say the least, bombproof. Nothing slips; even on a digital piano with slightly tapered chassis, the K&M 16075 holds up.

A functional test proved the König & Meyer 16075 model works well with just about all “over” and “on-ear” headphones of various designs without issue. Indeed, even down running cables are freely suspended and cause no complications.

Ralf Willke
4 years ago by Ralf Willke
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The König & Meyer headphone table stand, model 16075, is well made, visually appealing and remains stable, even on slightly sloping surfaces. Produced in Germany, the K&M stand does what it should and does not cost an arm and a leg – ultimately, what more could you ask for?

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