Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 2 years ago

Creative Outlier Pro

Extremely powerful True Wireless in-ears with Hybrid ANC and Low-Latency Mode

The Creative Outlier Pro offer plenty of battery power, feature five-level attenuation and amplification of external noise as well as individual earpiece and sound settings via an app.


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 2 years ago

Ultrasone Isar

Portable, weatherproof Bluetooth over-ears with Hybrid ANC and ambient mode

The Bavarian headphone specialist Ultrasone expands its portfolio with the Isar wireless travel headphones.


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 2 years ago

Lypertek PurePlay Z5

Very good true-wireless headphones with ANC and LDX sound mode

The Lypertek PurePlay Z5 raise the bar in the category of true-wireless headphones priced between 100 and 150 euros. In addition to convincing sound performance, these headphones scored points for their cutting-edge technical features which include effective noise cancelling and a user interface that should...


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 2 years ago

Creative Outlier Air V3

Affordable, high-performance True Wireless in-ears with ANC and ambient mode

A comprehensive update to this third-generation provides the Creative Outlier Air V3 with an app for customising sound and operation. The adjustable attenuation and amplification of outside noise are also new, and this makes the price of these wireless in-ears seem very attractive.


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 3 years ago

1more ComfoBuds 2

Cheap True Wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.2

With the ComfoBuds 2, Chinese manufacturer 1more maintains its product profile. These Bluetooth earbuds, available in matt black or white, are aimed at users who are looking for affordable headphones for everyday use. It's not just about the highest sound quality, but also about the...


Bluetooth by Sven Opitz 3 years ago

SoundPEATS Air3

Very affordable True Wireless in-ears with contemporary technology

The SoundPEATS Air3 come in the typical AirPods design, offer contemporary technology such as Bluetooth 5.2 and aptX Adaptive Codec with a dynamic bitrate and a gaming mode with reduced latency. This comes at a reasonable price with decent sound as well as good remote...


Bluetooth by Jan Bruhnke 3 years ago

1more ColorBuds 2

Stylish True Wireless in-ears with ANC function

The 1more ColorBuds 2 are suitable for anyone who values style and is looking for affordable True Wireless in-ears with a balanced sound plus good ANC function (noise cancelling). In addition, the sound can be adjusted to suit your own taste via the app, thanks...


Bluetooth by Sven Opitz 3 years ago

EarFun Free Pro 2

Compact in-ears with hybrid ANC

The EarFun Free Pro 2 are the successors to the EarFun Free Pro and offer good sound, a good fit, active noise cancellation (ANC) and a low-latency mode for a price of 70 euros. That might sound good at first, but all that glitters is...


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 3 years ago

House of Marley Rebel

Compact, weatherproof True Wireless in-ears made from sustainable materials

The House of Marley Rebel True Wireless in-ears are visually distinguished by their bamboo surfaces, which provide a pleasant feel and at the same time house precise touch controls. While the charging case can be powered either via USB-C port or wirelessly via Qi, these...


Bluetooth by Dirk Duske 3 years ago


True Wireless Bluetooth in-ears with homogeneous sound and long run-time

The JVC HA-A11T impressed us with their balanced and transparent sound, a running time of eight hours and are protected against sweat, rain and water splashes thanks to their IPX5 certification.