Bluetooth by Carsten Kaiser 2 months ago

Audeze LCDi3

Premium planar magnetic in-ears

With the LCDi3 In-Ears, the American manufacturer Audeze promises a great sound and an equally large set of accessories. We’re going to test how the planar magnetic transducer technology of these headphones affects their sound.


Bluetooth by Carsten Kaiser 8 months ago

Master & Dynamic MW50+

Wireless On-Ear & Over-Ear Headphones

With the wireless MW50+, American manufacturer Master & Dynamic is going in an unusual director. These semi-open headphones are available as both supra-aural and circumaural headphones and promise plenty of possibilities. I test them to see if things hold up in practice.


Studio by Jan Bruhnke 2 years ago

Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro Black Edition

Professional Headphones for Mixing and Mastering

Beyerdynamic deliver another top-tier model with the DT 880 Pro Black Edition reference headphones, providing sound professionals with premium hardware that ensures they never miss a thing. Whether it’s errors or interference, everything is easily identified. However, you can also enjoy the more beautiful audio...


Studio by Chris Mayer 3 years ago

Beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 250 Ohm

Circumaural Headphones for Everything from Easy Listening to Broadcast, Live and Studio Applications.

The DT 880 Edition from Beyerdynamic is a completely circumaural headphone model that hits high notes all round.


Studio by Christian Preissig 4 years ago

AKG K240 Studio

Semi-Open Dynamic Headphones with Powerful Sound

When AKG make a point to display ‘Professional Studio Standard’ on packaging of a product, they’re not making hollow claims. These headphones are just as advertised, having been a staple of many a studio for decades.


Studio by Chris Mayer 4 years ago

Superlux HD681

Dynamic Headphones with Good Sound at a Great Price

The Superflux HD681 combines quality sound performance with an affordable price tag that should have those higher-priced competitors quaking in their boots!


Studio by Christian Preissig 4 years ago


Semi-Open Dynamic Headphones with a Balanced Sound

As the name suggests, the K240 MKII is the next iteration of the K240, a true AKG classic that has won over legions of loyal users in the years following its debut. You can count this reviewer among that group. It will be interesting to...