TaoTronics TT-BH047

Well-sounding, bass-driven ANC Bluetooth over-ears with limitations

In a nutshell

The TT-BH047 from TaoTronics are great-sounding Bluetooth over-ears with a bass-driven tuning for everyday use. The only noticeable downside is found in the ANC operation where some sound quality is lost. Otherwise, the well-made headphones with long battery life, long Bluetooth range and intuitive device control for Android and iOS systems score major points.


The Chinese manufacturer TaoTronics is expanding its headphone portfolio with the TT-BH047 by adding wireless over-ears with a switchable noise suppression feature that offers a comfortable fit, a functional hands-free device control unit and a speakerphone with a high Bluetooth range and running time. In addition, since good sound quality is offered, the purchase price is attractive.

The Bluetooth over-ears are made of plastic, metal and imitation leather upholstery, resulting in a sturdy look. Both the hinge of the foldable construction and the height adjustment of the bracket are made of metal, which promotes longevity. The suspension of the headphone shells is rigidly constructed but has so much flexibility on the vertical axis that an adaptation to the head shape is possible. In combination with the lush imitation leather upholstery overall, a good wearing comfort with a firm hold is achieved, though this may be affected in summer due to prolonged usage in the heat.

The wireless model provides over 20 hours of high-performance wireless and has a 3.5mm audio input, allowing wired usage as an alternative to Bluetooth. A corresponding mini-jack cable with gold-plated plugs is included with the accessories as well as the USB charging cable. When the headphones need to be re-charged, users will find the power level on iOS devices using a battery indicator next to the Bluetooth headphone icon.

Bluetooth Connection

Pairing the TT-BH047 is user-friendly and is done by holding down the power button. This will turn on the system and put it directly into pairing mode, which will be automatically confirmed by voice prompts. The high range of the headphones from ten to twelve metres performed well in a practical test with various iOS and Android devices. A trouble-free operation was also possible across several rooms.


Device Control

The over-ears’ right earphone shell features a 3-button remote with built-in microphone to operate device functions such as volume control, start or stop playback, track selection and popular hands-free features. The plus and minus buttons, on the one hand, serve to adjust the volume, but can also be used to skip tracks by holding down the button to the next track and back to the previous track. The Play / Stop function, on the other hand, is operated using the power button, which also allows you to answer and end phone calls with just one touch of the button. It also supports redial and call rejection. Also worth mentioning is that the headphones have CVC 6.0 noise cancellation, which provides good speech intelligibility when calling, even if the background noise is loud.


The tuning of the Bluetooth over-ears is bass-driven but without appearing dominant, as mids and highs are given enough room to present themselves. In addition, since an appealing spatiality is present, the sound is voluminous and multi-faceted, especially in the upper frequencies. Given the price, the TT-BH047 offer high sound quality and are universally usable. Decreases are only noticeable with low bass, which the headphones are unfortunately unable to cope with.


The ANC mode, which can be activated via a separate switch, reduces monotone background noise well but also affects the sound quality. Since a loss of height and spatiality is perceived, the overall sound is duller and one-dimensional. In this respect, the function represents an emergency solution for particularly adverse listening conditions, in my opinion, but is not practical in everyday use. However, since the wide and thick-walled upholstery already has high insulation properties, the use of additional noise cancellation is not necessarily required.

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  • Rating: 3.88
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  • Function

Technical specifications

  • Ear couplingOver-ear
  • Typeclosed
  • Transducer principledynamic
  • Weight without cable269 g

What's in the box

  • Cable with mini jack
  • USB charging cable

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