Studio by Numinos 4 months ago

AKG K371

Closed studio headphones

After three new additions to their 2x series (K175, 245, and 275), AKG by Harman have added two new releases to their series of three - the K371 and 361. The difference between the six and seven is that the K371 comes with one more...


Studio by Carsten Kaiser 11 months ago

Neumann NDH 20

Over-Ear Studio Headphones with Stylish Design and Excellent Sound

With the release of the Neumann NDH 20, the renowned German microphone manufacturer delivers its very first venture into the headphone market. As you’d expect from a company as renowned as Neumann, the technical prowess of these headphones is something to be admired. Nothing less...


In-Ear by Maike Paeßens 1 year ago

InEar StageDiver SD-5

Universal 3-way In-Ear Monitor system with excellent sound characteristics

The top-of-the-line StageDiver SD-5 series comes with five drivers per side, offering an excellent seated fit, high isolation and huge output. At the same time, the Hessian manufacturer InEar has created an impressive monitoring system for the stage, which is both elegant and powerful.


Studio by Ulf Kaiser 1 year ago

Sennheiser HD 300 PROtect

Closed over-ear with “NoiseGuard" system for professional use

Sennheiser's HD headphone series has been in daily use for studio work, live, broadcast and DJ applications. In the closed HD 300 PROtect model, particular emphasis is placed on good noise insulation. Not only is outside noise effectively damped, but also the sound carried to...


Studio by Maike Paeßens 1 year ago

Audio-Technica ATH-M60x

Compact On-Ears for Monitoring and HiFi Enthusiasts

The ATH-M60x continues the successful ATH-M series from Japanese manufacturer Audio-Technica with a handy, closed on-ear model that is suitable for both studio and broadcasting, though falls shorts in mobile use. A novelty of this model is likely to be the switchable volume limit for...


Studio by Marcus Schlosser 1 year ago

Ultrasone Signature Studio

Professional Studio and Live Headphones

Robust, flexible customisation and impressively resolved sound make working with the Ultrasone Signature Studio an essential not only for studio use but also for everyday listening.


Studio by Jan Bruhnke 2 years ago

Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro Black Edition

Professional Headphones for Mixing and Mastering

Beyerdynamic deliver another top-tier model with the DT 880 Pro Black Edition reference headphones, providing sound professionals with premium hardware that ensures they never miss a thing. Whether it’s errors or interference, everything is easily identified. However, you can also enjoy the more beautiful audio...


In-Ear by Ulf Kaiser 2 years ago

Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset

Lightning In-Ear Headphones with Integrated Microphones for 3D Sound Recording

Sennheiser offers more than the usual with the Ambeo Smart Headset, a top choice of noise-cancelling in-ear headphones developed in collaboration with premium manufacturer Apogee. The real highlight here is the omnidirectional electret microphones that are integrated into the exterior of the earphones, allowing for...


Studio by Carsten Kaiser 2 years ago

Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro

Featherweight Closed-Back Over-Ears for Studio and Mobile Recording

The DT 240 Pro from Beyerdynamic aims to cause a stir in the studio as a closed monitoring headphone. Read our test to see whether or not these newcomers to the DT Pro series are fit for the task.