Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

True Wireless In-Ears That Do Everything Right

In a nutshell

With the Momentum True Wireless In-Ears, Sennheiser has done everything right. The well constructed and sturdy headphones produce an excellent sound that’s full of clarity and vibrancy. The case looks elegant and makes a welcome accessory. If you decide to dig a little deeper into your pockets for this model, you’ll be rewarded with excellent workmanship and high-quality technical ability that’s worth the investment.


It’s taken some time for Sennheiser to jump on the bandwagon of True Wireless in-ears, but they’ve finally cut free of the cables with the Momentum series. Admittedly, the technology is no longer modern day magic, with many competitor models available in this class. As such, Sennheiser were left with only two ways to stand out from the crowd: bargain price and poor performance, or priced high with premier playback and first-rate functionality. Fortunately, they’ve chosen the latter, hitting high notes in pretty much every respect.

Outer Packaging

Some manufacturers use outer packaging to appeal to aesthetics athletes will loved, while others aim to prove a hit with the hipster crowd. Sennheiser remains true to its design philosophy with the packaging of these in-ears, keeping it simple and elegant so that nothing detracts from what’s important. That, of course, is the headphones themselves and their capabilities. That’s all well and good, but when you pay near enough 300 euros for headphones, you expect a certain level of finesse to the packaging, with the opening of your product an experience in and of itself. You won’t find that thrill with these Sennheiser headphones, however. The cardboard packaging is not just unappealing, but proved incredibly stubborn when it came to the opening.

Product Features

The packaging is about the only thing that doesn’t look first-rate, however. The headphones and fabric-covered case are both elegant to the eyes and smooth to the touch. This top-tier finish certainly gives you a solid impression of the overall product being one of quality where everything has been done right.

You’ve a choice of four pairs of earbuds on offer, ranging in size from XS to L. From these, you’ll be able to find one that delivers a perfect fit. The entire rear surface of the headphones is a sensor, while touching it for five seconds on both sides initiates pairing. Bluetooth 5.0 is the standard here, with compatible codecs including SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX Low Latency. In addition to this, you can install the “Smart Control” app to your iOS or Android dev ice to enjoy extended functionality, including a visually appealing equaliser which allows you to fine-tune sound by simply moving a point within a coordinate interface. You can also switch on transparency mode, which activates the microphones in the in-ears, allowing you to enjoy enjoy music while getting an snippet of sound from the outside world.



The sound of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless is very good indeed. Full basses, clear trebles and solid mids produce a sound image that I haven’t experienced in this class for a long time. The usual pop playlist gets a powerful performance with “Solo” by Clean Bandit, while complex sound structures by Schiller offer an immersive experience. Classic music also enjoys a showcase here, with double basses and cellos rolling broadly and powerfully under violins and vibraphones. The sound is full and mature, rich and powerful. The volume is more than sufficient and the stereo image and stage are wide. The best sound I’ve heard yet without a cable, these headphones also offer fine control with the equaliser via the app. It’s top marks all round.


The Momentum is controlled via sensor surfaces located on the exterior of the headphones, with all the guidance you need on how to master them provided for you in the manual. On the left you’ll find the start/stop function, which doubles up as skip forward/back, depending on the number of taps you deliver. Touching the sensor for a longer amount of time lowers the volume, while doing the same at the right earpiece raises it. Tap once to bring up your digital assistant or to control calls, or tap twice to activate transparency mode. Each tap is acknowledged with an audible tone. Each double or triple tap is acknowledged by an ascending tone sequence. This is particularly handy as the tap-to-control interface can be a little tricky to master at first. All in all however, things work well.


The Charging Case

The grey, fabric-covered charging case with USB-C connection is of a generous enough size, but it’s a little large for storing in your jeans pocket. A button and single LED light provide information about battery charge level, while the device itself can be easily moved into the charging recesses thanks to magnetic guides. The Momentum delivers four hours of music playback after a single charge, while the charging case delivers the same playback time again when connected to the headphones.


Are there are any notable negatives to comment on? Not really. When making a call, the person on the other end enjoys clear and audible communication thanks to the integrated microphone, even if the external noise suppression function is a little heavy handed in application. Occasionally, this can affect clarity of voice slightly.

The transparency mode also works well, with the mixing of the microphones into music pleasant and unobtrusive. However, there is a slight noise during quieter moments.

If I did want to pick out another criticism to go along with the rather underwhelming unpacking experience, I could mention the equalizer is a little too playful for my liking. However, this drawback is very slight and doesn’t really detract the overall draw of these headphones.

5 years ago by Sven Opitz
  • Rating: 4.63
  • Sound
  • Handling
  • Price/Quality
  • Function

Technical specifications

  • Ear couplingIn-ear
  • Typeclosed
  • Transducer principledynamic
  • Frequency response (headphones)5 - 21.000 Hz
  • Weight with cableOhrhörer und Ladebox: 69,8 g; beide Ohrhörer: 13,2 g; Ladebox: 56,6 g

What's in the box

  • 4 pairs of ear tips (XS, S, M, L)
  • USB C charging cable
  • Charging case

Special features

  • BT version: 5.0
  • BT profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • BT codecs: aptX, aptX LL, AAC, SBC
  • Battery life: up to 4 hours
  • Charging time: about 1.5 hours

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