Shure SRH1540

High-End Headphones with an Impressive Low End

In a nutshell

These headphones come with high recommendation thanks to their superior sound. Apart from the impressive bass range, the sound in general is exemplary. With a premium purchase price to consider, the SRH1540 is no casual investment, but those seeking something that will deliver the results in sound production they’re after will find plenty to enjoy here.


Headphones with the best in sound and innovation with features, offering top-tier enjoyment and a thrilling listening experience for true audiophiles, as well as for mixing and mastering with powerful bass performance.

The SRH1540 is the premium model from the closed headphone collection from manufacturer, Shures. These headphones also occupy the highest price segment you can expect to find on the market. It’s time we put these headphones to the test and see if they’re really worth that dizzying asking price.

The black and silver SR1540 boasts an ultra-lightweight aluminium alloy construction, that’s not only elegant to look at, but also reassures with its robustness, not to mention scorch-resistant carbon fibre plating. The finish of the steel metal temple accents also adds to a sophisticated aesthetic. Artificial leather components keep the earpieces held to the head, while the soft ear cushions stand out as a real highlight.

Accessories, Manufacturing & Haptics

A carry case can be found along with the headphones themselves, with the case boasting a full fabric lining with ample space to carry the main device themselves, along with associated adapters, spare ear pads and further pouches for little extras. These two pouches come with mini jack plugs and headphone cabling tucked away discreetly inside.
The SRH1540’s Y-cable is designed with durability in mind. It’s gold-plated contact elements, reinforced design and reinforced ends to protect against bending strain are just some of the first-rate features that make this cable so special. Sadly, it’s only 185mm in length.
It’s not just the padding on the underside of the headband that makes these headphones so comfortable to wear. Longer listening sessions can lead to uncomfortable sweating and headaches, but there’s no need to dread these an an eventuality with these Alcantara earpieces. The headband itself can be infinitely adjusted and, once an ideal adjustment setting has been found, the earpieces will hold their position perfectly. Contact pressure is nicely balanced, although the interchangeable ear pads can occasionally slip somewhat during handling.


An Impressively Wide Transmission Range

A low impedance of only 46 ohms means that the audio emitted from the earpieces of the SRH1540 is raw and uncompromising. On the other hand, many tonal nuances become lost in the noise and are inaudible. The unusually wide transmission range is from 5 Hz to 25 kHz, if you accept the claims of the manufacturer.
Indeed, the low bass and regular bass ranges are reproduced in beautiful detail with plenty of rich character along the way. If the music is overloaded in this frequency range, the headphones acknowledge the crowding with a slight roaring distortion. The mid-range playback on the other hand is one of the most balanced I’ve ever heard. This applies to both the lower mids that bring warmth and the remaining elements that bring the meat to the bones of a piece of audio. The SRH1540’s treble is simple and silky smooth and, hoping I don’t sound too much of a romantic here, rather beautiful. The openness in the super-high range allows for a superior signal evaluation, as is the required standard at sound studios. This also benefits the differentiated stereo imaging of the headphones.

Suitable for Music Styles

No matter whether the listener prefers pop and dance tracks or is keener on hip hop productions, when they enjoy their audio with these headphones, they’ll be able to soak in the bass glory of their chosen music with these headphones. The SRH1540 produces a real pressure to the bass, reaching a limit with rock and metal productions. With “Mulm”, double drum elements spread out too thinly, with acoustic productions better suited to the frequency response. Low bass components are seldom pushed on the production side, allowing the SRH1540 to work them out wonderfully.


The SRH1540 Sets the Bar High

These headphones bring together the best of both worlds, allowing you high-end listening in the comfort of your living room, while also boasting some professional mastering applications. The SRH1540 is a handy mixing tool for those looking to work in lower bass ranges.
It’s not for nothing that Shure promote these as the pinnacle of performance in the closed headphone sector. With quality materials, plenty in the way of accessories, practical handling and good levels of wearing comfort all combining for a device that sets a new benchmark for competitors.

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Measurement Results

Frequency response:

Exterior noise damping:
More measurement results

Technical specifications

  • Ear couplingOver-ear
  • Typeclosed
  • Frequency response (headphones)5 - 25.000 Hz
  • Impedance43,15 ohms
  • Sound pressure level (SPL)102,18 dB
  • Pressure averaged from big and small head578 g
  • Weight with cable329 g
  • Weight without cable292 g
  • Cable length185 cm

What's in the box

  • Replaceable ear cushions
  • Second cable
  • 6.3 mm stereo jack
  • Travel case

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