Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 4 months ago

EarFun K2

Affordable Bluetooth headphones for children featuring volume limiter

The EarFun K2, which are available in blue, pink and black, are designed for children aged between three and fifteen.


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 5 months ago

Huawei FreeClip

Lightweight, innovative open-ear earphones with superb wearing comfort

With the FreeClip, Huawei offer delicate open-ear earphones that do things differently from what we might be used to.


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 6 months ago

1more Fit Open Earbuds S30

True-wireless open-ear headphones

1More Fit's Open Earbuds S30 are sports headphones with an open-ear design that prioritises the possibility of fast communication and continuous perception of your surroundings.


Bluetooth by Ulf Kaiser 6 months ago

1more Fit Open Earbuds S50

Open-ear headphones for sport and communication

The Open Earbuds S50 open-back headphones from 1More Fit deliver a convincing result in their core area of application: sports.


Bluetooth by Numinos 6 months ago

OneOdio OpenRock S

Air conduction open-ear headphones

The OneOdio OpenRock S are lightweight air conduction headphones with very good wearing comfort.


Bluetooth by Maike Paeßens 6 months ago

Edifier W320TN

True Wireless earbuds with adaptive ANC and LDAC

Edifier's W320TN range includes good-sounding True Wireless headphones with adaptive noise cancellation and an adjustable transparency mode, which offer a high level of wearing comfort thanks to their half-in-ear design.