Studio by Carsten Kaiser 6 years ago

AKG K702

Reference Studio Headphones with Crystal-Clear Sound

With the K702, AKG adds a studio headphone heavyweight to its portfolio, with precise sound reproduction for mixing and mastering applications.


Studio by Mark Ziebarth 6 years ago

Shure SRH1440

Professional Headphones for Premium Home Listening

The rather bulky SRH1440 impresses with its high sound quality and great wearing comfort.


Studio by Jan Ohlhorst 6 years ago

AKG K812

High-End Studio Headphones Processed to Perfection

With the K812, AKG unveils a pair of studio headphones aimed at the upper tiers of the market. From the packaging and elegant presentation alone, you can see there’s been no shortcuts and savings in the production of these beauties.


Smartphone by Peter Könemann 6 years ago

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 32 Ohm

Closed studio headphones (also) for on the go

The DT 770 from Beyerdynamic is undoubtedly a classic that should be a basic piece of kit for many musicians and studios. There are now a large number of variants and the individual models differ not only in their impedances but also in their equipment...


Studio by Christian Preissig 6 years ago

Beyerdynamic Custom Studio

Dynamic Closed Headphones with Optional Bass Response Feature

With the Custom Studio, Beyerdynamic is expanding its professional series of headphones to include an enticing new model that boasts a nifty bass response system – a very intriguing prospect with potential studio use.


Studio by Christian Preissig 6 years ago

AKG K240 Studio

Semi-Open Dynamic Headphones with Powerful Sound

When AKG make a point to display ‘Professional Studio Standard’ on packaging of a product, they’re not making hollow claims. These headphones are just as advertised, having been a staple of many a studio for decades.


Studio by Felix Klostermann 6 years ago

AKG K712 Pro

Stylish High-End Headphones with Studio Standards

The AKG K712 PRO is the flagship studio model from the popular headphone manufacturer. Ideal for those looking to mix and master, or simply enough music with a new level of sophistication.